PRESS RELEASE 02: Social Responsibility Research Network Celebrates 20 Years of Knowledge Sharing Worldwide

The Social Responsibility Research Network (SRRNet) was established 20 years ago with the goal of promoting collaborative research on various aspects of social responsibility and contributing to global knowledge improvement.

In this regard, David Crowther, the president of the network and professor of Corporate Social Responsibility, as well as the head of the Organizational Governance Research Center at the University of Montfort in the United Kingdom, stated that the mission has remained unchanged since its formation. "SRRNet's mission is to promote collaborative, intercultural, and international research on any aspect of its social responsibility agenda, disseminate such research globally, and enhance knowledge. Network membership is open to everyone, with no restrictions or fees."

Through SRRNet, conferences have been organized on every continent to exchange knowledge, ideas, experiences, and interests, leading to collaborative efforts that benefit societies.

For the Twenty-First International Conference of the Social Responsibility Research Network, to be held in Quito, Ecuador, from April 3 to 6, 2024, a high-level academic event, one of the most important in the world, organized by the Universidad Estatal de Milagro (UNEMI), the theme "Tensions in the Theory and Practice of Social Responsibility" will be addressed.

David Crowther highlights that the contents addressed at the Quito conference will focus on the significant role played by sustainability, artificial intelligence, and technology in social responsibility.

"We will have experts on all proposed topics discussing their research. However, the essential part of our conference is not just having specialists share their insights but also having them engage in dialogue. We will welcome people from various areas of expertise and different parts of the world, which will lead to very enriching results," expressed the President of SRRNet.

This new SRRNet conference is made possible through the efforts of UNEMI, aiming to provide educators and university students with the opportunity to interact with international experts, facilitating cultural integration, interactions, and global tolerance—significant aspects for the future of diverse nations.

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XXI Conference SRRNet-Quito

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