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SSRNet International Conference 2024

In April 2024 we will travel to the very first World Cultural Heritage Sites, declared by UNESCO in 1978.
This is the historic city of Quito, Ecuador, where our XXIst Conference will be hosted by Universidad Estatal de Milagro, UNEMI.
The SRRNet conferences started by accident more than 20 years ago! David Crowther agreed to organise a conference at his university and named it the 1st International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility only because there had never been a conference on this topic before anywhere. It was never intended to become a series - in fact David said that he found the work involved in organising a conference so difficult that he would never do it again! But since then these conferences have been held all over the world and this will be the second in Latin America. So welcome to Quito! We look forward to seeing you.

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Prof. Dr. David Crowther

President of SRRNet
& Chair of Scientific Committee

Professor Mariana Lima Bandeira
Universidad Estatal de Milagro

Conference Chair

Professor Jaime Andocilla Cabrera
Universidad Estatal de Milagro

Conference Chair

Professor Fernando López Parra
Universidad Estatal de Milagro

Conference Chair

Dr. Shahla Seifi

SRRNet Conferences Chair

Conference Partners

World's most influential media, entertainment & technology show inspirational speakers including game changing not just a large-scale

Getting Around in Quito

From the Airport you can find taxi services that are regulated and have fixed prices. From the airport you can take a cab to one of these hotels and you can pay about US$ 30 dollars.

The streets of Quito swarm with taxis -- the preferred means of transport, because taxis are cheap, costing only $1,50 to $4 for a ride within the Old or New Town and $5 to $10 for longer distances. Drivers are required by law to use a meter, but it's obviously not a strict law because few taxis use them. If the taxi has a meter (taxímetro), insist that the driver use it. You can also ask for a Uber. Alternatively, ask your hotel desk or a trusty local what your ride should cost and negotiate an appropriate price beforehand.

Near the hotel of the SRRNet Conference, there are a lot of options of restaurants, shopping centers and it is near the Carolina´s Park. But Quito can be dangerous at night, so it's best to take a taxi wherever you go, no matter how short the distance. The staff at most restaurants, hotels, and bars will be happy to call a cab for you. In case you need to call one yourself, try City Taxi (tel. 02/2633-333), Taxi Amigo (tel. 02/2222-222), or Taxi Express (tel. 02/2500-600).

Hotels Information


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